7th – 20th April, 2019.  Only £1,195.  This includes two internal flights!

A comprehensive tour where you’ll see the highlights of this unique country from north to south. This trip includes two internal flights to maximise your time in the region.

Along the journey you’ll travel by private bus, train, cruise boat, traditional boats, cyclos, optional bicycle and internal flights. There’s some free time to explore too, whilst having the support from our team and the friendship from fellow travellers.

This is a tour that will give you a colourful and varied experience of Vietnam and its people. It’s a lot of fun too, with some vibrant nightlife, lively restaurants and the wonderfully friendly Vietnamese people. Some of the remote locations you’ll visit will be utterly enchanting and stunningly beautiful.

Even Better Value

This holiday is already excellent value, but we’re also offering further discounts to previous Angel travellers! We’re offering a further discount of £25 per person for each holiday you have previously taken with Angel Holidays. This means that if you have been four holidays with us before, for example, you will receive a further £100 off per person.

Dates of tours:

  • 7th April – 20th April, 2019Sold Out See future tour
  • April 2020 Dates to be confirmed Please contact us via How to book page